2 Nov
Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets
Thu, Nov 2nd 2017 @ 12:00 pm


Game: Thursday, November 2,2017. Game starts at 8:25pm.

Lot opens at 3:25pm (NFL rules)
I suggest you get there first thing if you want to park right next to the action. The lot doesnít fill up very quickly so if you arenít there first thing, you probably wonít be too far away.

The tailgate will be in Lot 26 next to the IZOD Center and weíll be near pole A.
The parking area is confusing as @%&!. If you canít find right away, ask attendants for help. I had to do that about 5 times my first attempt!
Here is a map!
If you are driving, a parking pass/ticket is needed.

Driving directions to:
Here is a map!
Plenty of people take public transportation:

EVERYONE is invited. No extra fees to attend tailgate.
If you are not driving, you can still attend.


Food and drinks are bring your own.
Do you need to bring a grill (or other cooking equipment)?
There are others with them. Iím sure they would share space, but I would highly recommend either bringing your own or sandwich type foods.

If you need tickets ($45 or $65): Here is the link to order:
Use this promo code when prompted: BACKERS17
Donít forget parking ticket if driving!


A few years back, the lot was left an utter disaster. Jets/NFL security wasnít happy.
Be respectful. Yes the Meadowlands was built on a garbage dump, but lets not add more garbage on top. All kidding aside, we need to be respectful.
We need a volunteer to bring garbage bags.
Ken ďPinto RonĒ Johnson is the man responsible for starting this tailgate, lets not mess up his reputation. Heís a legend.
Is MetLife safe for Bills fans? My personal experience is yes absolutely. Yes there will be some trash talking, but nothing too bad. Like any place in the world, it almost always takes 2 to escalate.
Will there be a TV to watch the game? Most likely not.
Orange Parking pass